Young Person Health & Wellbeing

Every Child Matters

UKCP Helping Every Child to Achieve by working within the guidance and values of Every Child Matters.
UKCP are committed to following the charter and keeping young people a priority for our future.
Below are the 5 tenets we are focused on.

Be Healthy

Healthy bodies and minds are essential for children and young people during their development and for that reason; health promotion is a key area of our care practice and delivery. Our managers and support workers will ensure that our young people have detailed, regularly updated health action plans that meet their individual needs.
Nutritionally balanced menu ideas, and comprehensive activity planners are implemented throughout our service, and productive relationships exist between the organisation, local health professionals and the area LAC team.
All support workers receive ongoing training in areas of sexual health and substance abuse as well as bespoke programmes specific to the health requirements of their individual client groups.
Emotional and mental health needs are carefully monitored and therapeutic intervention is arranged wherever and whenever necessary.

Stay Safe

Keeping children and young people safe from physical and emotional danger is a major feature of our philosophy. Individual strategies are included in each placement plan which, alongside carefully considered risk assessments, provides our support workers with clear and concise guidelines when working with vulnerable children and young people.
All employees across the organisation benefit from regular comprehensive training and our detailed policies on safeguarding children, health and safety, complaints procedures, anti-bullying, internet safety and behaviour management serve to ensure that our young people feel they are safe, secure and free from discrimination and bullying.

Enjoy and Achieve

A sound education should be rewarding, enjoyable and carefully structured if individuals are to reach their full potential.
Children and young people placed with UKCP have their learning needs carefully assessed on a regular basis and their personal education plans carefully implemented to ensure their best possible outcomes.
Whether attending a bespoke education provision or mainstream school, attendance is positively encouraged and assisted where necessary.
Our support workers ensure that homework, internet access and extracurricular activity is fully supported, and communication with education staff is maintained at a level consistent with that of proactive parents where appropriate.

Making a Positive Contribution

In order to function well in any society, we need to feel that we belong, contribute to its development and relate to others that share it.
At UKCP we value the positive contributions our children and young people make, and actively encourage them to be part of all decision making processes that affect their lives and environment.
Regular and varied consultation opportunities are provided, and all support workers are trained to communicate effectively and sensitively.
Becoming involved in the wider community is encouraged and voluntary or charitable opportunities are identified and appropriately supported.

Achieving Economic Wellbeing

Financial stability is a quintessential ingredient of a quality lifestyle. All children and young people placed with UKCP are provided with comfortable living environments that are financially sound and fulfil the many expectations of 21st Century living.
In respect of their preparation for independent living, each resident has an individual pathway plan implemented that is stringently followed by support staff to ensure they are equipped with the life skills necessary to thrive and prosper as young adults.
Further education is encouraged and supported and vocational training is sourced where needed, laying the foundations for careers in a variety of skilled trades and professions.