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Who Are UK Care Partnership?

UK Care Partnership (UKCP) is a specialist independent nationwide care provider for young people in care and adults going into care.

The key to our success is our ability to provide individualised bespoke care to achieve excellent outcomes and meet placing authority’s aspirations and targets for young people and those in care, ensuring that even the most challenging young people are able to make positive choices to empower their lives.

We specialise in providing a high quality service to adolescents based all over the UK.

Our aim is for the young people we work with to be equipped with the tools they require to overcome the adverse circumstances of their past and achieve success that has set out in there care and path way plan and in their future.

Our Experience

Our management and social work teams have over 50 years of extensive experience in education, children’s services, direct work with young people and their families, providing outreach support and supported living accommodation and our teams also have experience working with and support young people involved with crime and those with mental health issues.

The teams have experience in both the statutory and voluntary sectors. This enables us to fully understand the relationships and work in partnership with the placing authority and other agencies, enabling us to provide excellence in joined up working and support.

We offer a high level of support and supervision via our Outreach services and/or through our 24 hour staffed semi-independent projects. We also offer personalised services to young people leaving care (16-18) and also young adults 18+.

Strong partnerships play an important role in our success. We work with a broad range of outside organisations which provide specialist support services. This multi-agency approach draws together a broad range of care and support to ensure our young people receive a comprehensive service that meets their individual needs.

One of our key objectives is to help people who are at the risk of long-term social exclusion by providing a home in a stable environment with a range of services that match each person’s needs.

Our Staff

Our staff are the face of UKCP, and as such, are qualified and registered senior social workers, educators and support workers, undertaking regular training and supervision to ensure that the highest standards are maintained.

Our staff teams include staff members who have themselves been in care; or faced and over come adversity in their past and this experience we find, really helps them to relate and empower our young people.

We have found that better supported carers, ensures better placements for the young people in our care.

What we all have in common is the ability to communicate sympathetically and effectively with young people to inspire and coach them in all round life skills.

All our staff are DBS Checked and are a minimum of NVQ Level 2 trained.

We provide high level induction training in line with the Skills for Care Induction standards.

Quality Assurance

A high standard of care and service is our priority for every child in our care. The company has put into place various systems to help to set and achieve goals and targets.

We also monitor, assess and review performance and act on findings to continually improve business quality and performance in the best interest of its service users.


We offer a high standard of quality with all our services. We strive to keep up to date with the latest legislation and procedures to give the best quality of support available.

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